You have learned in my first blog entry what a hackathon is. Do you still not believe in them? Here are three ideas which have been developed at a hackathon and became big later on. 

  • Appetas 

    The idea behind Appetas was developed back in 2012 at an AngelHack competition. It is a web-site builder for eating establishments to create own websites without any programming skills. They took home the $25,000 first place prize and raised more over the next years. In May 2015, Appetas was acquired by Google for an undisclosed amount.

  • GroupME
    Group Me

    GroupMe brought group text messaging to every phone. The journey started at TechCrunch Disrupt 2010, and the investors loved the idea behind GroupMe. The two founders were able to raise $850,000 within the first year. More impressive, just one year after the hackathon, Skype acquired GroupMe for $80 million. Just 370 days after their launch…

  • Carousell

    Carousell is an app that simplifies the process of selling unwanted household clutter. They took home the first place at Startup Weekend 2012 in Singapore. In August 2016 they completed a Series B funding with $35 million from Rakuten.

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